A. AlMahmoud

Cadet Pilot in Doha, Qatar


Reason for Testimonial: Certified Essential Oil CoachCondition: Nasal Congestion

The outcome after using the Breathing Blend™ – an essential oil mix specific for my condition Rabab made for me – was positive and extremely satisfactory.

I normally suffer from nasal blockage in one of my nostrils and needed to use a spray to alleviate it, which isn’t practical or advised to use long term. It gets even worse when I have the flu opting for Panadol Cold + Flu to breathe normally and stop the flu symptoms. However, the side effects for those pills and the duration of its effect is distressing – just reading the potential side effects in the leaflet is enough to freak you out.

Since I started using the Breathing Blend™, whilst having the flu, all the symptoms (like a runny nose, nasal congestion and general fatigue) have vanished after just a few short minutes of applying it. Despite being a smoker, it didn’t hinder the efficacy of the Breathing Blend™ .