Hanan Asad

Graphic Designer in Amman, Jordan   Reason for Testimonial: Holistic Healing, Health and Lifestyle | Condition: Heart, Mind and Body Weak knees and swollen feet that can barely carry 116kgs, a body fat percentage of 66.9%, on the verge of exploding, with oxygen hardly reaching the veins. Just imagining this makes one feel tremendously frustrated and exhausted. The […]

A. AlMahmoud

Cadet Pilot in Doha, Qatar   Reason for Testimonial: Certified Essential Oil Coach | Condition: Nasal Congestion The outcome after using the Breathing Blend™ – an essential oil mix specific for my condition Rabab made for me – was positive and extremely satisfactory. I normally suffer from nasal blockage in one of my nostrils and needed to use […]