Art 🎨 Still Here 🍃 صامدٌ هُنا

On Friday, 12th September 2014 I drew a sketch after listening to a brave Palestinian boy speaking words beyond his years, words a child should never have to utter, words of a child with a stolen childhood.

Inspiringly, he and all the brave people of Gaza choose not to surrender but to fight against enslavement, not deterred by the world’s apathy or racist “Israel’s” incessant smothering shadow of death, destruction and desolation hovering over them.

The below is a redrawing of the sketch (drawn on Wednesday, 29th July 2015) with an Arabic and English message and poetry lines my dear hubby found for me, and translated, that were a perfect fit.

Name: Dāwūd Isĥāq Ibrahim (David Isaac Abraham) | Age: 5 | Ethnicity: Palestinian Arab | Nationality: Palestinian | Residence: Homeless in Gaza | Cause: Freedom, Justice and Peace for Palestinians and ALL Humanity Slogan . . .

Still Here


Standing here, as long as there is a call to prayer

Like a thorn, or rather an olive tree, deeply rooted in the earth!


Please excuse my absence and my one-post-a-month but I have decided to publish one post – two at the very most – a month as I’m busy with other projects/websites, which I’ll be sharing with you my Valuable Reader, Viewer and Visitor when they’re done inshá’Allah. I highly appreciate the time You take to read and view my posts and I hope you’ll continue to do so – Thank YOU!

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