Article ☁ Patriotism and Pride ~ Warped and Misplaced

The cheapest sort of pride is national pride . . . every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud adopts, as a last resource, pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and glad to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.

~ Arthur Schopenhauer



~Tuesday, 5th November 2013 | Saturday, 16th August 2014~



One thought on “Article ☁ Patriotism and Pride ~ Warped and Misplaced

  1. For me, I cannot be prideful of any nation that lies and cheats its people or other nations. For me, Pride and Patriotism don’t necessarily go hand in hand. I have not found a nation anywhere in this great world, created by someone greater than I, that should be so proud and patriotic that they don’t see the dark secrets for what they are.

    I believe in honesty, integrity, purity of heart, compassion for all life and love and forgiveness. I cannot honor any nation, including my own, for deeds that we try to make everyone else’s problem instead of accepting responsibility for the truth for our bad and dishonorable behavior. That is why we are at war more than we’ve ever been at peace. I wish I could say otherwise. But that would be a lie.


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