Art 🎨 Palestine Teardrop

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I drew the original idea of the sketch on Saturday, 25th October 2009 and redrew it Saturday, 25th January 2015.

3 thoughts on “Art 🎨 Palestine Teardrop

  1. Hi my dear,

    I can only connect this way with you. I am not sure why but I cannot get to your page. I did once and saw the beautiful tear drops. But it wouldn’t let me comment. They are just so simple and yet they move my heart so much. It evokes many feelings and images. I just wanted you to know.


    1. Hello Lovely Yisraela (^_^),

      Your kind comment was received and is fully appreciated (^_^).

      I Wish You Well (^_^)

      PS. For some reason the posts and pages on my website sometimes take time to reload ~ I have no clue as to why this is so (^_^).

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