Product Review ☯ Kickboxing Gloves


I apologise for not posting a book review since June 2013 and more so to avid readers, booklovers and bibliophiles for this review has nothing to do with one of my loves, Books, but another, Wellbeing.

I‘m a health and fitness nut who values a balanced wellbeing and lifestyle and it’s just as important to me as books. For this, I’ll be expanding my reviewing scope by assessing health and fitness DVDs, online videos and products, and maybe a book every now and then on the subject – anything concerning wellbeing (this is a website revolved around words, creativity and wellbeing.)crazy monkey 140

My intention, Dear Reader, is to make you aware of your WELLBEING be it Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Environmentally and/or how we CHOOSE and DECIDE to use our Time.

The upside for book addicts (and non-addicts), not that there’s a downside, it’ll appeal to those who are conscious of maintaining a healthy wellbeing – I hope.

An Aligned and Balanced Wellbeing is of the essence if we want a happy lifelong lifestyle.

crazy monkey 055

crazy monkey 058

~Thursday, 27th March 2015~

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