My Atypical Eid Greeting


 السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم ورَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ


Inshâ’Allâh you and your loved ones are healthy and happy, your minds and hearts are tranquil and content and, most importantly, you’re in the highest of imân.

Ramadân bids us farewell and Eid is here to embrace us,

I Ask ALLĀH سُبْحانَهُ وَتَعالَى to Accept and Reward Our Fasting, Good Deeds and Prayers and to Aromatise Our Tongues, Minds, Hearts, Souls and Lives Indefinitely and Infinitely with HIS Love, Light and Blessings on HIS Special Occasion and Until We Return to HIM سُبْحانَهُ وَتَعالَى

My Dear Readers, the following is my Eid “greeting” my hubby poetically wrote to suit my personality, which will not come as a surprise to those who know me. (I apologise to English readers for this but it’s only available in Arabic.)


I conclude with the following prayers,

O ALLĀH, PLEASE Endow and Beautify Us with YOUR LOVE and the Love of Who LOVE YOU and Intensify Our LOVE for YOU, Our TAQWA and IMĀN for Us to Lead Lives that SOLELY and WHOLLY PLEASE YOU to be Closer to YOU and become amongst the True Believers for YOUR Angels to Pray for Our Souls.

O ALLĀH, PLEASE Humble Our Hearts and Grace Us with the Flow of Humility through Our Veins Incessantly and Perpetually to Better Serve YOU So We ONLY See, Hear, Say and Do what Brings Us Nearer to YOU.

‘Īd Al-Fiṭr Mubârak



  1. No apologies necessary; it’s just so pretty to look at. I think the beauty of the sentiment comes through just fine through the beautiful text. I’m happier for having seen it, and the feeling I get from looking at it is just as warm and friendly.

    I’m sorry I don’t know the proper phrase in Arabic to wish you well, so I’ll offer you my thanks for all the knowledge you give me, my respect for your talents, and my sincere hopes for peace and happiness for you and your family every day of the year 🙂

  2. جعل الله من عيدكم بركة ورحمة وسعادة for you and all your beloved ones. Yes, it may look a little bit like a strange greeting but actually it is honest and intelligent and Rabab 🙂

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