A Farewell After Departure

كلماتُ ما بَعدَ الرَّحيل

في رثاء المغفور له إن شاء الله

ماهر عبدالله

An Article and Poem by Khalid AlMahmoud


My sagacious Father, Maher Abdullah (Allâh Yirĥamu), returned to Allāh سُبْحانَهُ وَتَعالَى on the night of Isrā and Mi’rāj* (27th, Rajab 1425), which was on Saturday, 11th September 2004.

As today’s the day of Isrā and Mi’rāj (27th, Rajab 1434)in accordance with the Hijri (lunar) calendarI share with you a short article and poem my husband wrote about my Father (Allâh Yirĥamu) on Wednesday, 9th September 2009.



* The Hijri calendar is what Muslims refer to based purely on the lunar calendar, which started after the Hijra. The Hijra is the migration of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and Muslims from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE.
A two-part miraculous night journey (physical and spiritual) that took place on the 27th of Rajab 621 CE by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from Mecca to Jerusalem (Isrā) – specifically the Aqsa Mosque – and then an ascension to the heavens (Mi’rāj).




  1. May God have mercy on his soul and receive him in His kingdom (Allah yerhamoo). He was a decent journalist and human being and he left a void behind him. He will be remembered for his humanity.


  2. I wonder what he would say about the ridiculous media coverage of Syria. Thank you for sharing his words. He said it perfectly. We should all aspire to be as honorable as your father.

  3. السّلام عليكم و رحمة الّله

    أختي رباب، تأثّرت كثيراً بهذه الأبيات الشعرية في رثاء والدك الكريم الذي لقي ربّه في سنّ ما زلت بحاجة إليه. و أحمد الله أنّه رزقك زوجاً وفيّا له و لذاكرته. أسأل الله جل جلاله أن يزكي روحه الطاهرة و ينعمه بجواره و يلحقكم و كل من يحبه، بعد عمر طويل إن شاء الله بجواره، و تجدونه راض عنكم. صبرا على فراق الأحبة، و كما نقول في لهجتي، نسأل الله أن يبدّل محبتكم للفقيد بصبركم على فراقه


  4. May his memories continue to inspire you and those who knew him.

    May his soul rest in peace in the heavenly garden.


  5. كلمات رائعة و مؤثرة

    اللهم ارحمه و اغفر اليه
    اللهم ارحم ميتا ما زال في القلبي حيا

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